Country Description: Cuba – Sara


Cuba sits off the coast of the United States, just southeast of the Caribbean. The population boasting 11.2 million people is governed under a single-party communist government. Until recently Cubans were unable to own cell phones with fear that open communication lines would spawn a counter-revolution amongst citizens. There is a no-import/export rule specifically tailored to keep Cuban’s from getting materials from aiding countries. Outside media is allowed only if they are selected and debriefed by the Cuban government; jail time does extend to foreigners if they don’t comply. The citizens lack information channels because everything is so intricately monitored, stifling the ability for the country to grow.

Cuba is a very proud country, set on segregating itself from any countries that haven’t adopted communist ideals. Due to their distaste of democracy, their government believes that what their people don’t know won’t hurt them. Censors put on media outlets enable the government to track down any rabble-rousers from challenging higher authority, as well as the outside world from getting an honest depiction of this less privileged country. Cuban is ranked #171 on the Press Freedom Index because creativity and constructive criticism is stifled through the countries strong need for censorship.

-Sara Stephens

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