Country Description: China – Garrett


China is the world’s most populous country and the nation is also a key economic and political power. No doubt this nation has been an ever present focus of world attention due to its strict censorship of virtually every form of media and many years of alleged corruption within the state leadership. The current Chinese government has policies that thoroughly censor television, newspapers, radio, film, theater, literature, video games, and even text messages.

The government seeks to stifle many different topics that they deem sensitive and any controversial material that may display the Communist Party of China or its affiliates in a bad light. The most significant display of public information control is their practices regarding the internet. They make an extreme effort to censor anything that may be detrimental to the party with frequent censoring of democracy, corruption, police brutality, and food safety issues. Tibetan unrest and the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 are among those considered media taboo. Frequent blackouts during sensitive segments of television broadcasts by CNN International or BBC World are a common occurrence. This not only effects those spectating, but more so those whose freedom of expression are hindered. The artists, writers, and journalists all are burdened by this censorship by the Chinese government.

-Garrett Lee

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