Censorship Theme: Religion – Sara


Censorship can be a verbal and nonverbal act to protect a group of people or a divine idea. Religious censorship in world literature is used to keep any naysayer from broadcasting their non-conformist thoughts to the outside world. This specific form of censorship is defined as: ‘suppressing views that are contrary to those of the organized religion.’ The Catholic Church is highlighted as being one of the more controversial and proactive places of worship; continuously trying to maintain the sanctity within the church . Governments that don’t distinguish church from state are often challenged with the daunting task of censoring their free-thinking citizens about religion.

Books denouncing religion or religious followers are banned because they may be encouraging disorder in a regimented place of worship. Any form of blasphemous fodder warrants persecution, because in the eyes of the government any violation of their religious beliefs is a crime itself.

–  Sara Stephens

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